Astralnauts – Beyond Copper (OST)

Astralnauts – Beyond Copper (OST)

splattervinyl in gatefold cover

Release date: 08/2023
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In collaboration with musicians and parody artists Auralnauts, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to their ongoing series of ‘As Seen on TV’ parodies known as the ‘Infomercial Wars’.

During an unspecified point in time, a faceless dystopian company pushes out products under the guise of improving the quality of life for humanity. The commercials have a sexy presentation to them, designed to lull the viewer into a hypnotic state and gloss over what is really being sold to them: enslavement to an evil entity. The true purpose of these products is clear to anyone with an iron will: to imprison your mind, strip away your humanity and weaponize what remains. Humanity’s only hope is a scrappy group of freedom fighters whose key to success is convincing you to buy their products instead of the enemy’s. May the best infomercial win.

Beyond humanity. Beyond Copper.

The parody series is made up of real life infomercials with complete audio makeovers. The products themselves vary from one commercial to the next, but a popular trend in these ads is the seemingly unlimited uses for copper, which is taken even further by the parody versions. The bubbly pitchman from the source material has been replaced by a soothing, yet vaguely threatening alien presence. This mysterious voice paints a picture of a world that would make David Cronenberg and James Cameron blush, and all of it is held together by a dystopian soundtrack that is perfect for ushering humanity into the next step of this forced evolution.

Side A of the album contains six full length studio versions of the music featured in each ad.
1) 300% More Human
2) Techromancer
3) Full Body Copper System
4) Master of Reality
5) Final Boss (Sock Defense Grid)
6) Beyond Copper

Side B features the ads themselves, presented faithfully as they appear on the Auralnauts Youtube channel.

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