Faye Richmonde – Girlesque


Faye Richmonde – Girlesque

* Known from the legendary “My Pussy Belongs To Daddy” compilation album from 1957
* Carefully remastered by prolific grammy nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson
* Available in black and pink vinyl
* First time also available on CD

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After the groundbreaking new edition of the legendary and iconic compilation “My Pussy Belongs To Daddy” from 1957, Ebalunga!!! presents the exquisite solo album “Girlesque” by the incomparable Faye Richmonde. Originally released in 1959, “Girlesque” once again captures the attention of the audience with its unique blend of genres and provocative song titles. Without succumbing to vulgarity, Faye Richmonde maintains sophistication, ease and witty humor, playing with memorable melodies and captivating the listener with the depth of her voice.

“Girlesque” is a true gem that combines elements of pop music, comedy, jazz, and, of course, maintains an erotic easy listening base. Like “My Pussy Belongs To Daddy,” which may have been too bold and daring for its time, “Girlesque” became a popular choice for parties during that era.

Ebalunga!!! once again invites you to indulge yourself in another masterpiece of the past, to smile, laugh, dream and simply enjoy good times with friends. Today, this album ist’s just still relevant, but also sounds better than ever before, thanks to the perfect new mastering done by the renowned grammy-nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson. Her professionalism and talent gave to the album the perfect sound which lacked in previous editions.

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