Gabriel Koenig – Jettomero (OST)

Gabriel Koenig – Jettomero (OST)

* Hand-numbered & limited to 500 copies
* 2LP in gatefold with OBI in tote bag & 20-page artbook

Originally released in: 2021
Release date: 01.12.2021
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In collaboration with creator Gabriel Koenig (Ghost Time Games), Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack to Jettomero: Hero of the Universe to deluxe 2LP vinyl.

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Jettomero, the bright red robot of mysterious origin, is determined to save the human race. But the planets he visits on his quest quickly become crushed under the weight of his good intentions… Join Jettomero in exploring a procedurally generated universe, fighting the evil that lurks in the void, and uncovering the secret behind his own creation.

Developer & composer Gabriel Koenig’s passion shines through in every aspect of Jettomero: Hero of the Universe. Whether it be the stunning visuals and versatile photo mode, the endearing writing, or the incredible soundtrack. Now collected on this limited, hand-numbered 2LP release, the full 17-track OST serves as your guide to the galaxy, orchestrated with otherworldly synths, pulsating beats, and zen-like vibes.

Every copy of the Jettomero 2LP comes with a Hero of the Universe tote bag & an 20-page artbook co-created by artist @SpiffSnaps. All images in this release are created using the game’s photo mode.

“Let’s do this!”

A1. Sentience Leak
A2. Nebulous
A3. Children of the Cloud
A4. No One Invented These Rules
A5. Go Round or Go Home

B1. These Old Wires
B2. Rainy Data
B3. Computer Graveyard
B4. A View to the Core

C1. Electric Voyages
C2. A Cycle’s Work
C3. Simulated Dream States
C4. Microchip Ruins

D1. Souls of the Deleted
D2. The Neverending Process
D3. The Feeling of Life
D4. Organic Machines

Music by:
Gabriel Koenig

Mastered for vinyl by:
Ohad Nissim at 136Studio

Artwork by:
Gabriel Koenig

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Weight 990 g