In Gowan Ring – Hazel Steps through a Weathered Home

In Gowan Ring – Hazel Steps through a Weathered Home

FIRST TIME ON VINYL and reissued on CD now!

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A unique synthesis of folk, medieval and psychedelia that could only be In Gowan Ring. Exclusively available from the band and us!
“Listening to this album is like sliding into a warm bath infused with oils and perfumes.” – Flux Europa
“Every song is a dreamlike poem, delicately weaving images of solemn beauty and naive wonder into the surreal forms characteristic of psychedelia. Each note tugs on the strings of the heart and effortlessly recalls past experiences from the depths of the mind.” – Historic Bruno
“Though seemingly made of little more than spiderwebs and moonlight, Hazel Steps may easily ensnare the unsuspecting listener in its magical folds.” – Opuzine
“As a songwriter and musician B’ee is easily the equal of psychedelic folk legends Robin Williamson or the late Nick Drake. Comparisons to virtually any other musicians exploring similar territory would simply not do this justice.” – J. Buckley
“This is one of the all time classic esoteric folk albums. The strange places that are realised through In Gowan Ring’s music have still not been visited by anybody else.” – Woven Wheat Whispers

1. Orb Weavers
2. Hazel Steps
3. The Seer And The Seen
4. Kingdom Of The Shades
5. Morning’s Waking Dream
6. A Poet’s Lyre
7. Wind That Cracks The Leaves
8. Two Towers
9. Orb Weavers (Instrumental)

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