Jahrtal – Lichtbuch II

Jahrtal – Lichtbuch II

Label / Cat.no: JLIICD
Barcode: n/a
Release date: autumn 2020
Format: CD
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Beautiful Austrian Folk Ambient

One year Jahrtal spent working on this music album, which was planned to be recorded about 10 years ago.
In summer 2020 “Lichtbuch 2”, a bouquet of pieces of music and songs, picked and bound with devotion, was ready: Some instrumental pieces, two folk songs from the Alps, a Tibetan tune in different interpretations, the instrumental version of a hymn by Franz Schubert and – as in “Lichtbuch” from 2007 – a ballad by Joseph von Eichendorff set to music. The selection of the pieces is personal, a kind of retrospective and reference to important influences. If “Lichtbuch 2” sometimes sounds like it was from another time, then that is quite intentional. Traditional themes and folk songs, as used in the 1960s and 1970s by bands such as the Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Dr. Strangely Strange, etc., made a lasting impression. The listener of “Lichtbuch 2” is invited to discover a strange lightness and timbre in familiar melodies!

1. Den Meistern
2. Kleines Stück, Version 1
3. Unterwegs nach RC
4. Migtsema
5. Kleines Stück, Version 2
6. Der Unbekannte
7. Schäferlied
8. In der Fruah
9. Kleines Stück, Version 3
10. Du hast mein Fleh’n vernommen
11. Migtsema RYDG

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