Lucas Saur – Smile For Me (OST)

Lucas Saur – Smile For Me (OST)

* Smile For Me OST
* Second pressing
* OBI Spine Card
* limited 500 copies on galaxy toothpaste vinyl

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“Oh hi! I did’nt seeyou there! I am Dr. Habit. I am just a friendly guy who love’s Smiles more than ANYTHING!”

In collaboration with LimboLane Games and composer Lucas Saur, Stumpy Frog Records has pressed the soundtrack for Smile For Me to deluxe vinyl.

Something’s wrong at the Habitat. The so-called ‘Dr. Habit’ claims he intends to treat his patients’ unhappiness, but it looks like he’s doing nothing of the sort. This place hides a dark secret… And it’s up to you to uncover it.

Good luck, Flower Child – you’ll need it. Through puzzle-solving and non-verbal communication, you can cheer up each resident of the Habitat, guided by the sultry jazz and smooth accompaniments of composer Lucas Saur. With a few bangers thrown in there, just for kicks.

17 tracks from multi-instrumentalist Lucas Saur pressed on eye-popping/mouth-watering Toothpaste & Ice Cream vinyl, packaged in artwork by creators Yugo Limbo & Day Lane.


A1. Platitudes (Piano Demo)
A2. Welcome To The Habitat
A3. Home In The West
A4. The Apartments
A5. PSA (Alternate)
A6. Falling Asleep
A7. The Carnival
A8. The Terrace
A9. Interlude / Dr. Habit

B1. Menu Vibes
B2. Platitudes
B3. The Lounge | Jazz
B4. The Lounge | Freak
B6. The Lounge | Dance
B7. The Lounge | Film
B8. Platitudes (Smile For Today)

Music by:
Lucas Saur

Mastered for vinyl by:
Ohad Nissim

Artwork by:
Yugo Limbo
Day Lane