Muslimgauze – The Extreme Years 1990-1994 deluxe boxset

Muslimgauze – The Extreme Years 1990-1994 deluxe boxset

* release date 26.01.2024
* first time ever on vinyl
* with bonus songs
* unique sleeves with special spot UV and inside print
* wooden deluxe boxset with 9 vinyls, booklet, hand numbered certificate card
* golden vinyl boxset lim.100 copies – SOLDOUT
* black vinyl boxset lim.222 copies – SOLDOUT

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The English musician Bryn Jones, who preferred to call himself the band Muslimgauze during his artistic lifetime, was one of the most original and productive artists of the post-industrial scene. He has released an incredible amount of music in just 16 years. According to current estimates, there are at least 200 releases with a total of more than 1900 songs in circulation.

The Extreme Years 1990-1994 is a compilation of all Muslimgauze music, released on the Australian label Extreme Music between 1990 and 1994.
According to many critics and fans, this was a uniue and very special period in Bryn’s work, during which he grew from an amateur musician into an experienced sound sculptor.
Sadly, Bryn passed away in early 1999, aged just 38 years.

The box set is limited to 100 copies in golden vinyl and 222 copies in black vinyl.
It includes 9 vinyls in expanded 2LP versions with bonus songs of the 4 Extreme albums, as well as the Infidel LP with remixes done by another electronic music genious David Thrussell (Snog, Soma, Black Lung).
The Infidel LP will be exclusively available with the box set edition, where the 4 double albums will be available also as separate releases, beeing published one after the other during the first half of 2024, starting with Intifaxa 2LP.

The original tracks were perfectly remastered for this first time ever vinyl release and the new masters received high praise from the Extreme Music owner Roger Richards.
New sleeve designs were created by Oleg Galay, who is famous for his artworks for many Muslimgauze reissues.

The boxset contains the albums:

Intifaxa 2LP (AKT16)
United States of Islam 2LP (AKT17)
Zul’m 2LP (AKT18)
Citadel 2LP (AKT19)
Infidel LP (AKT20) – not available outside the box

as well as a LP sized 8 page booklet, a pro DJ slipmat and a hand numbered certificate card, all housed in a highest quality, heavy wooden box.
All album covers are made from extra heavy cardboard with deluxe spot UV finish and inside print.

The release date for the complete Extreme Years 1990-1994 boxset with all vinyls included is 1.01.2024

The separate double LPs will be released on these dates:
Intifaxa 2LP – 26.01.2024
United States of Islam 2LP – 1.03.2024
Zul’m 2LP – 1.05.2024
Citadel 2LP – 1.07.2024

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