Niagara – Afire

Niagara – Afire

* Percussion focussed album by legendary German drummer Klaus Weiss
* Musically a mixture of the first two Niagara albums, but more on the rhythmic side
* Ecstatic and ever pulsating grooves supported by electric bass
* A holy grail for DJs searching for really cool rhythm samples
* Excellent sound and performance by high class professional musicians
* Ultimate collectors item

Originally released in: 1973
Release date: 25.04.2022
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Niagara’s third LP Afire is the rarest one from kraut drummer, formerly of Sunbirds, Klaus Weiss’ band. An astonishing album which returns to the minimal sounds based on percussion and rhythm of their first album, yet retaining a feel of harmony all through it – this time not provided by the brass instruments that had been added in S.U.B., but though to the high emphasis put on combining a variety of drums each tuned to their perfect pitch, and the contribution of Embryo’s bass player Dave King. Also present on the sessions were percussionists George Brown, Sabu Rex and Norman Tolbert. The phenomenal rhythms contained on this LP have made it a very sought after piece among those looking for cool samplers to mix.

Klaus Weiss is considered one of the best drummers of the German jazz scene, he was always very active and played with a lot of USA jazzmen travelling Germany like Hampton Hawes, Herbie Mann, Mal Waldron or Johnny Griffin, as well as with German greats as Klaus Doldinger, George Gruntz, Friedrich Gulda, etc.

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