Rapoon – Raising Earthly Spirits

Rapoon – Raising Earthly Spirits

* Ritualistic Ambient music at it’s best
* Project from the co-founder of Zoviet France
* Pulsating Deep Ambient with calm, yet vibrant soundscapes
* Electronic manipulations mixed with mysterious instruments and eastern influences
* Includes 2 unreleased bonus songs from the same sessions back in 1991
* For fans of Muslimgauze, Biosphere and the likes

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Raising Earthly Spirits was conceived as a ritualistic, shamanistic album centred around the concept of transcending this level of consciousness and existing mindfully in multidimensional space and time. It draws heavily upon the sacred ideas and practices of many indigenous peoples from this earth and how they communicate and interact with their ancestors and how they see themselves in relation to this world. It was made with respect towards these beliefs. – Robin Storey/Rapoon


1. Alchiva
2. Ochre
3. Djang
4. Awi
5. Snake Belly
6. Akkurra
7. Sky Heroes