Second Nature (Bill Laswell / Tetsu Inoue / Uwe Schmidt)


Second Nature (Bill Laswell / Tetsu Inoue / Uwe Schmidt)

Release date: Dez. 2023
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Reissue of the revolutionary album “Second Nature”. This iconic album was the result of a collaboration between the outstanding musicians Bill Laswell, Atom Heart, and Tetsu Inoue. First released in 1995 on the legendary label FAX +49-69/450464, it immediately gained recognition and admiration.

“Second Nature” impresses with its diversity. It brilliantly combines ambient melodies, deep basslines, experimental dub, and complex rhythms, creating a captivating and multifaceted sonic landscape.

The album showcases the exceptional talent of these artists, solidifying their place among the most innovative figures in contemporary music. By blending ambient, electronic, and world music elements, “Second Nature” transcends genre boundaries, offering a unique sonic journey that continues to inspire listeners with its beauty and innovation to this day. With the aim of preserving and celebrating exceptional albums from the past, we have prepared this reissue in the hope that “Second Nature” will become a significant addition to your music collection.

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