Coil – The New Backwards – it’s in my blood edition

Coil – The New Backwards – it’s in my blood edition

* Limited 555 copies 185g picture 3LP set in heavy sleeve with hotfoil embossing and insert
* Includes free TNB slipmat
* Brilliantly chaotic and outrageously rhythmic material from 1993-1996, originally meant as the follow-up to “Love’s Secret Domain”.
* “The New Backwards” effectively became the final official COIL studio release of all new material whilst Peter was still alive.
* This 3LP version contains 8 additional tracks of previously unheard material from the same sessions.
* Mastered by Grammy nominated Jessica Thompson.
* Artwork by Ian Johnstone, licensed by The Estate of Ian Johnstone.

Originally released in: 2008
Release date: 17.10.2022
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“The New Backwards” was conceived by Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson in 2007, revisiting stray tracks which hadn’t seemed to gel with the material he had chosen for the more somber “Ape of Naples” from 2005, COIL’s initial posthumous release, a sort of requiem and a kiss-goodbye to his then recently deceased partner John Balance.

Significantly different to its sister release, this album collects the brilliantly chaotic and outrageously rhythmic material from the original sessions for the album that was begun as early as 1993 and had originally been conceptualised as the follow-up to “Love’s Secret Domain”. These songs are as diverse and wild as the places they originated from, partly infamously spawned in Sharon Tate’s former home in the Hollywood Hills, the Nine Inch Nails home base in New Orleans and London’s Swanyard, remixed and restructured with the help of long-term friend Danny Hyde in Thailand, this collection has its own unique flow and an atmosphere not found on any other COIL release.

Both “AYOR” and “Backwards” had by the time the album was first released already become favourites in COIL’s manic live performances. Some of the other tracks had only leaked in demo versions and are here presented updated and polished as Christopherson and Hyde intended them to be heard. It is interesting to consider Balance’s vocal contributions, too. Whilst on the albums COIL did release at the time this material was first put aside (“Black Light District” and “ElpH”) his voice is all but absent, his vocal performances and his lyric writing here are arguably more closely indebted to the previous “Love’s Secret Domain” era, especially the epic “Copacaballa” is noteworthy in that respect.
The New Backwards” effectively became the final official COIL studio release of all new material whilst Peter was still alive and is here presented for the first time fully supervised by Danny Hyde, its co-creator.
The stunning cover uses a detail from artist Ian Johnstone’s “Cubic Raven” painting, licensed from the estate of IJ..

It is high time to rediscover this timeless album with the Infinite Fog release boasting eight further tracks of previously unheard material from the same sessions, rough working stages and surprising remixes which will surely delight the dedicated COIL archaeologists, as they shine yet another light on the creative process and on what could have been.

Recorded at Swanyard, London and at Nothing Studios, New Orleans, 1996.
Thanks to everyone there, especially Trent Reznor who made it all possible.
Written & Produced by Coil & Danny Hyde.
Remixed by Peter Christopherson & Danny Hyde, Bangkok 2007.
For that session Coil were: Peter Christopherson, Jhonn Balance & Drew McDowall.
Mastered by Jessica Thompson.
Front artwork by Ian Johnstone.
Artwork licensed from The Estate of Ian Johnstone.
Layout Cold Graves and Oleg Galay.


1. Careful What You Wish For
3. Nature Is A Language
4. Fire Of The Green Dragon
5. Algerian Basses
6. Copacaballa
7. Paint Me As A Dead Soul
8. Backwards
9. Princess Margaret’s Man In The D’jamalfna
10. AYOR live pornmod (It’s in My Blood) – LIVE GEOFF
11. Ambient basses hijack mix 1
12. Wur click wur ruff 1994
13. Backwards DIST VOX
14. Drone Geff Master
15. Carny Master
16. Drone Skellies
17. Choir Droney Skellies
18. Backwards Live WIP-fixed softer backwards

To avoid later mournings, we want to inform you that picture “vinyl” is no audiophile format, it’s a collectible format.
Especially for music like Coil with it’s wide stereo spread, swirling high frequencies and deep dronning basses.
The more stereo and bass, the wider and deeper the grooves have to be, to provide all information to the needle.
But picture discs have only a very thin plastic-foil over the pictures, it’s no vinyl, just plastic, similar to pet bottles.
On picture “vinyl” can not be pressed so deep and wide grooves, that it would sound as well as a real vinyl.
That’s the same for ALL picture LPs, not only Coil.

General conclusion:
Of course our picture LP editions are enjoyable for listening too!
But to get the best sound quality, you should buy black or any coloured transparent vinyl, those sound best.
For your collection just buy whatever you think looks best.

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