Sturmpercht – A Wilde Zeit

Sturmpercht – A Wilde Zeit

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“A wilde Zeit” is a anthology, a early-years collection of rare songs and long deleted vinyls from the inventors of ALPINE FOLK music.
The CD includes most songs from early 2003 until end of 2005, except the first LP/CD “Stürm ins Leben wild hinein”. “a wilde Zeit” includes all 7inches, many songs from the mLP “alpine Bann- und Segenssprüche” and several compilation tracks, as well as one unreleased song. This CD was originally released in a limited edition of 100 copies CDr in wooden case in 2007, but after year was re-released, (partially) remastered and widely expanded. The CD comes in a 6-side digipack with stunning artwork.
“A wilde Zeit” drags You away into the dark forests around the holy mount Untersberg, with all his fairies and strange creatures. Many songs are telling Alpine tales and legends from long-forgotten times. Some songs are martial hymns for mountain trolls, others are drinking songs for wild hunters and creepy creatures.

1. Das Wilde Gjoad
2. Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe (Original Version)
3. Der Tanz Des Tatzelwurms
4. Am Fuße Des Untersberges
5. Die Wilde Jagd Vom Untersberg
6. Wilde Gesellen
7. Ewige Gegenwart
8. Der Wilde Jäger Vom Untersberg
9. Die Letzte Schlacht Am Walserfeld
10. Das Geschenk Der Wildfrau
11. Die Habergoaß
12. Der Bergstutzen
13. Von Den Untersberger Holz- Und Moosleuten
14. Der Marsch Der Wampelerreiter
15. Viel Volle Becher Klangen
16. Kaiser Karl Im Untersberge
17. Weißt Du, Wohin Wir Ziehn?
18. Schnaderhüpfelska

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